From small beginnings in 1983 Blackshell Farm has become a leading Irish grower of organic mussels. We began using the 'New Zealand' system of harvesting in 2004 and have since showcased this method to national and international visitors.

Organic Trust Certificate 2014Organic Trust Certificate 2014

Protecting the marine environment is very important to us and we do everything to minimise our impact on Clew Bay and the areas in which we work. The  waters of Clew Bay are the perfect place to grow healthy rope grown mussels for both live export and processing.  Blackshell Farm takes weekly samples r to ensure that up to date feedback is available to our clients. The sampling point is known as Inislaughil, being the closest of the many islands in Clew Bay to the main production site. Samples from Inislaughil have enabled the Sea Fisheries Protection Authority to classify our growing waters as Class A, which enables Blackshell mussels to be sold for human consumption without purification.

Our mussels are also tested for biotoxins by the Irish Marine Institute based in  Galway. Clew Bay North has one of the best biotoxin profiles in Ireland. Closures, when they happen, are of short duration. A full record of the biotoxin profile for Inislaughil can be examined on the Marine Institute website.


The mussels we produce are certified by the Organic Trust.